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The Sammons Center for the Arts was founded in 1981 to renovate the historic Turtle Creek Pump Station and operate it as a multipurpose arts center. The first five years was spent raising the $3 million needed for the initial renovation, and after two years of renovation, the Center opened March 1, 1988.

The Sammons Center is a nonprofit corporation organized under structure section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, and operates under the guidance of a17-member Board of Directors and a 27-member Advisory Board. The Center is professionally managed by a staff of five.

The Sammons Center provides low-cost office, rehearsal, performance and meeting space, as well as administrative resources such as a copy, fax, and postage center. The Center is home to 14 arts organizations representing every discipline. In addition, more than 50 other arts and community organizations use our services and facilities for rehearsals, meetings, performances, auditions, etc. Our facilities are open seven days per week from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 12 noon to 9:00 p.m. on Sundays.

Through this business incubator program, we provide administrative services to small and emerging arts organizations and individual
artists. We provide copy services, fax services, automated mail services, express mail and package receiving, postal lock boxes, voice mail, notary services and a library/information center with books on fundraising, arts management, marketing, business administration, etc.

We have recently added additional services including a computer and technology center with computer equipment and software programs such as word processing, spreadsheets, accounting packages, desktop publishing, data-base programs and internet access.

Funding for the operations of the Sammons Center comes primarily from revenues generated through rental and service fees. Approximately 39% of our revenue is self-generated. The balance is derived from special programs such as Sammons Jazz and contributions from businesses, individuals, City of Dallas, and income from fundraising events.

It is our goal to become self-sufficient through generated revenues, cost controls, fundraising efforts, special projects and through building the endowment fund.

The success of our project has begun to increase awareness in the community and nationwide of the value and possibilities inherent in old buildings, even those originally built for industrial purposes. We have also proved that a private initiative can be as successful as, and more efficient than, a public one. Many shared-use facilities have successfully used our formulas in planning their guidelines and strategies. The Sammons Center has gained national attention as one of the best examples of adaptive reuse and of public/private partnership.

Our long-term goals are to stabilize the Sammons Center financially and gradually increase the services relevant to our mission and purpose. As we identify these relevant service areas, we look forward to expanding our roles as a resource for the Dallas arts community and as a model for other arts incubator projects throughout the country.


The Sammons Center is supported in part by these sponsors:

KURTH HALL is a beautiful and intimate recital hall with approximately 1200 square feet of space. Kurth Hall seats up to 150 for a performance or lecture. It features excellent acoustics, a superb hard- wood floor, and vaulted ceiling. Concert grand piano available suitable for recitals, meetings, seminars, workshops, theater, dances, and special events.  (PHOTO BY RON ST. ANGELO)
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